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Find Tender Opportunities

Scale makes it easy to find government and private tender opportunities which perfectly suit your business, and that are winnable.

Fully Digitized Bid Preparation

Scale saves you precious time, money and effort while ensuring your responses are always accurate and consistent through an end-to-end digital process to prepare your proposals and tender responses.

Business Documents Management

Scale provides you with a dynamic, easy to use document categories, safe and secure way to store your documents and ensure that you are always 80% ready to apply for any tender.

Collaborate as Business/Teams

We all know that the hustle is real. And that most of us have 2 or more businesses at any one time as we try to maximize on the opportunities available by collaborating on preparing the tender responses.

Business Intelligence Reports

Scale’s User Dashboard that gives a consolidated view of valuable insights into your business which will enable you to assess performance, monitor your business growth metrics and generate actionable insights.

  1. Faster Insights - all your tendering metrics in one place.
  2. Better Decisions - see a summarized view of your tendering performance
  3. Strategic Focus - gets everyone on the same page.
  4. Monitor Business Success - track progress over time.
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