What is Scale?

The Scale platform is where tenders happen. It is where SMEs find the perfect conditions to discover opportunities, get guidance on how to respond, and digitally create winning tender responses.


Realizing the full potential of SMEs - through access to opportunities, access to finance, skills and experience, full participation - to drive innovation, productivity, and job creation.


To accelerate the growth of MSMEs through full participation in procurement.

Our Experience Principles

  1. Positive - We revel in the good.
  2. Joyous - We bring fun to the mundane.
  3. Direct - We don’t believe in bullshit.
  4. Simple - We are straight to the point.
  5. Thoughtful - We consider everything.
  6. Achievable - We make the impossible feel possible.
  7. Propel - We help to launch you forward.
  8. Dynamic - We design for more than just one person.
  9. Transparent - We show you where you’re at.

Our Story

In 2013, we were ready to take on the world of business. We were young, ambitious and had just heard about Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) through which the Kenyan Government had set aside 30% of all its procurement for people just like us - the youth, women and PWDs. Determined, we went for the first tender we could find, and went in big! We quoted Ksh 100 million and waited for the millions to start hitting our accounts.

Three years later, we were not yet millionaires! In fact, we had not won even a single tender! All we had was a lot of blood, a lot of sweat, a lot of tears and a million painful lessons. And it all boiled down to the little things. We slept in the office but still missed deadlines, at times we submitted expired mandatory documents, sometimes we did not have some of the documents, failed to sign some pages, forgot to serialise before submitting and every single time, we got dismissed.

It was always the little things!

Before giving up on tendering completely, we looked back at every tender we had lost over the years and realized that it was always because of one or more of the little things within the process. So we decided to give it one more try and focused on the little things. That is the first time we won a tender.

It took us 3 years to realise that winning tenders is always about the little things. So we spent the following 3 years asking businesses like ours and yours about all the little things that caused them not to win tenders. We then built a platform that will ensure you never again miss the little things.

And that is how Scale was born.

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