Our Mission

To accelerate the growth of MSMEs through full participation in procurement.

We Love Growing Businesses

We are you. You’re competing against established businesses with bigger teams, bigger budgets and better tools.

We’re here to help. Our platform brings together everything you need—and nothing you don’t—so you can get back to business. Powered by technology that is usually not available for growing businesses.

More than opportunities. Scale gives growing businesses all the essential tools needed to apply for and win tenders, all in one place - leaving you to focus on what you do best and compete against the big guys.

Scale helps you do what your competitors can’t

We understand procurement better than anyone, and that is why we built Scale, to ensure that you do too. With Scale, we make it easy for you to find tender opportunities, prepare your tender responses, avoid common tendering mistakes and win more tenders.

  • Our Digital Checklists help you ensure that your tender responses are always accurate and consistent.
  • Our Document Management System ensures you are always 80% ready to apply for any tender opportunity.
  • Our searchable Collection of Tenders ensures you have access to diverse tender opportunities from Government, Private Sector and NGOs.
  • Our End-to-End Digitized Bid Preparation process ensures that you can respond to any opportunity with accuracy and in record time.
  • Our Business Intelligence Reports ensures you have actionable insights and performance data to make decisions faster.

Scale puts you at the heart of winnable opportunities

We combine your industry and business sector with our robust data to match you with unparalleled tender opportunities that are unique to your business only. We eliminate the guesswork and help you identify and attract the right opportunities that you can win.

Create accurate, compelling and consistent tender responses

Scale connects and coordinates your entire tendering efforts, from opportunity awareness through tender response preparation to post bid evaluation. Scale makes it easy to prepare winning tender responses every time by providing you with tools that ensure your responses are always accurate and consistent.

Be part of a winning procurement ecosystem

Scale seeks to build a vibrant community of growing businesses that can take advantage of endless opportunities and synergies that each business using Scale has to offer.

Let data drive your business

Scale provides you with a dashboard by tracking and aggregating all data points that are important to your business, giving you a consolidated view that delivers valuable insights into your business. You can see and analyse data, display the key performance indicators (KPIs), assess performance and generate actionable insights.

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