Good for you, good for business

Scale makes tendering fresh, friendly and effortless, allowing you to confidently, cost effectively and easily apply for more tenders and significantly increase your chances of winning.

How you win with Scale

Save Time

Save time

Store and organize all documents online and make your next application just a few clicks away.

Save Money

Save money

Significantly reduce cost of printing, resource training and knowledge management.

Make Money

Make money

Always ensuring that the next proposal is better than the previous tender submission to win more.

Experience a new world of tendering

Find tenders

Find tenders, or let them find you.

Receive FREE automated and timely notification of tender opportunities relevant to your business. If there's a tender out there for your business, we will find it and deliver it straight to your inbox.

Store Documents

Store your documents, we’ll ensure they’re up to date.

Digitally store, manage and organize all your tender application documents. We will alert you on upcoming expiry and/or pending renewals ensuring you are always upto 80% ready to apply for any tender at any given time.

Apply for tenders

Apply for tenders, without turning your office upside down.

Easily apply for tenders using Scale's simple, error-free, time-saving digitized tender response preparation process to quickly compile your tender submissions end-to-end without ever leaving your Scale Account.

Collaborate on tendering

Alone or together, get more done.

Easily collaborate on creating tender responses with your own team members or with other companies through Joint Ventures to bid on larger tenders.

Tendering Jargon

We speak Tenderese, so you don’t have to.

Scale guides you throughout the entire process by ensuring you receive helpful tips to help you submit accurate tender responses making certain you get it right every time.

Record your tendering process

Your tendering track record, all in one place.

Track, analyse and improve your business performance over time by keeping a detailed digital record of your business development and bidding efforts.

Apply for tenders in 30 minutes flat. Try now for Free